June 2015 @ Newbie Farm

Hello and welcome back to Rising Vitality Farm or as I have nicknamed the place “Newbie Farm”. No surprise goat babies this month just on time, planned bunnies. Marshmallow had only two little ones, unusual in that most rabbits have litters of 4-7 bunnies. They are well fed, fat little bunnies and are on sale as pets for $10. Call the farm or email me if you are interested. I will post pictures on Facebook. We had a decent harvest this month of sugar snap peas, cucumbers, kale, chard, beets, carrots, lettuce heads, spinach, sorrel and dandelion. Sample our harvest at J House Juice in Grosse Pointe Farms by ordering a delicous, healthy bottle of juice and toasting to your healthy future. June saw the last of the spinach harvest for awhile as it bolts in the heat this time of year. If I find some spare time I will attempt to grow a more heat tolerant variety under shade cloth and misted to see if spinach can grow in Michigan’s summer sun. We processed two rotations of 50 meat birds each this month. The first rotation sold out but we have a few whole broilers left from Monday’s harvest so if you want a fresh, organic milk-fed broiler chicken for your BBQ or smoker the price is $4.25/lb. contact us and we will ship you a few birds or better pick your chickens up at the farm or at the markets. We are at the Fowlerville Farmers’ Market on Fridays and Green Oak Farmers’ Market on Sundays. The pigs are growing as fast as the weeds around this place, they will be processed in November so reserve now. These are heritage breed pigs with marbled meat not the “new white meat” pork found at every corner store. They are expensive because the piglets are five times the cost, they grow slower so they eat more and we take them to a humane slaughter facility and that costs more. They are $6/lb hanging weight if you pick up at the farm and $7/lb if we deliver anywhere within Livingston, Washtenaw or Oakland County. If you live in Macomb or Wayne county contact Greg at greg@risingvitalityfarm.com to arrange for payment and delivery. Another good idea: share the harvest with a friend or family member and reduce your cost by half. The hanging weight of a pig will be about two hundred pounds. We need help out here if you know of anyone looking to work on an diversified organic farm, contact us. Good luck out there good people.