About Us

How did Rising Vitality Farm get started?

As a recent graduate from Michigan State University's Organic Farmers Training Program, i am ready to take what I have learned to develop a user friendly farmstead that produces the freshest, tastiest, healthiest produce for you and your loved ones. A place you will feel comfortable visiting with a feeling of pride at your contribution to building a farm that produces good food in a sustainable and ecological manner. I can’t do it alone, but together we can. I am tired of being sick, fat and unhealthy and I know if I keep eating that convenient “grab and go” menu plan that I have been eating I won’t live to see my grandchildren grow up.

One day almost two years ago I awoke in St. Mary’s Hospital ICU from a coma. Machines with bells and whistles had been keeping my heart beating and my lungs breathing for five days. But that is another blog on another day, suffice it to say; when I woke up I really woke up. I have lost eighty pounds since that day and continue to lose about 1.5 pounds a week. I eat organic food whenever and wherever I find it and hope you do too.

I recently started juicing and am currently working with the owners of JHouse juice in Grosse Pointe MI to grow fresh, organic produce for their shop. In just a few days of juicing I feel increased vigor and cravings for more green juice! It really is delicious especially when combined with fruit.

Along with my husband Richard and my fellow business partners I am ready to help the community one crop at a time!

Richard and Susan Rising