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Hello and welcome to the Rising Vitality Farm contest page. Through this page the intent is to engage my potential followers in the development of this farm. Having just graduated from Michigan State University’s Organic Farmers Training Program I can tell you the number one lesson I took away from the program: I don’t know everything and I can’t do everything. I need you dear reader to follow me as I develop this market farm. I need your help to design a user friendly farmstead that produces the freshest, tastiest, healthiest produce for you and your loved ones. A place you will feel comfortable visiting with a feeling of pride at your contribution to building a farm that produces good food in a sustainable and ecological manner. I can’t do it alone, but together we can.

What if together we changed our food paradigm and discovered how to make healthy, fresh food fast and convenient? Help me do this. I can get started on this end by planning the harvest, ordering and sowing the seed, clearing the land and building the coops, roosts and pens, planting the orchard. You can visit this page often and donate to the development of this particular farm by contributing to the contests and voting on the top six plans.

Contest Rules and Entry Details

First Contest: Name this Rooster.

Please use the form below to submit your entries, use "Name this Rooster" as the subject.

Here is the latest member of Rising Vitality Farm’s livestock entourage, ________________ the rooster.


We acquired this fine specimen of a rooster from the Student Organic Farm at MSU. Turns out when you order a straight run from a hatchery every once in a while a rooster slips by the sorters. The SOF didn't want to keep a chicken that doesn't produce eggs so I got him free of charge. What a handsome fellow he is, a virtual cornucopia of color.

Some names that are out of the running, anything vulgar or profane, Charlie, The Magnificent Beast, Freebird, Greg and Curt. These names have already been used. Try to make it something I can say in one breath or scream as I run out of the coop.

Submissions end on April 25th, 2015 and winners win: bragging rights, a signed autograph picture of the rooster and one whole broiler chicken raised on Rising Vitality Farm and processed at Munsell’s poultry processing a USDA certified processor and one dozen organic chicken eggs.

Winners will be announced on June 1, 2015 and prizes delivered after the first broiler rotation in 2015. This should be around June 15, 2015. Why so long to give out the prizes? Well, we will have fresh produce available then and the first rotation of meat birds will finish around the first week of May. Farming is seasonal in Michigan.

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