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May was an exciting month at Rising Vitality Farm, or as I have nicknamed it “Newbie Farm”. Boy oh boy are we rank amateurs! I have been gardening all my life since my grandfather taught me to stake and water tomatoes at age 11, my gardens have been growing in size and abundance as the years passed but nothing like what I am attempting now. We cleared 3 acres this spring and put up a hoophouse last fall. Over 400 feet of brassicas have been planted, 100 feet of spinach, 100 feet of lettuce heads, 50 feet of cucumbers, beets, carrots, peas and 200 feet of potatoes. The hoop is full of spinach, kale, chard, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, radishes, Lettuce Salad Mix and sorrel. The perennial herbs are ready for transplanting into the hoop as soon as we can create their permanent beds. We have one wholesale account and have been delivering spinach, kle, chard and dandelion to them weekly since April. So if you want to try our fresh organic vegetables stop by JHouse Juice on Fischer in Grosse Pointe Farms. We started at two farmers’ markets this year; Fowlerville on Fridays and Green Oaks Township on Sunday. Stop in and mention this blog and you will receive a free sample of fresh produce or maybe a duck egg?
The pigs this year are being rotated through a recently cleared quarter acre and secured with pig panels and electric fencing. They are Manglista crosses from Bakers Green Acres and they are growing fast and will be ready by October. They will sell as fast as they grow so reserve yours early by calling the farm. There will be four rotations of broiler chickens this year and the first processing date will be Tuesday June 2 and available for pick up fresh on Wednesday and Thursday. I will be putting them in the freezers 36 hours after processing. so if you want the most delicious healthiest chicken available call the farm at (517) 518-6115. We will be delivering to Stone Coop Farm CSA members within 12 hours of processing. Our delivery van is equipped with a refrigerator and freezer so you can be assured that everything is kept at the safest temperature. All our birds are fed organic feed, will be processed organically and are raised outdoors where they can scratch, peck for bugs and generally lead a wholesome chicken life. if you care about how Sunday dinner is raised, processed and treated then you will want to buy our chicken. We do it right.
Now for the rank amateur part. About a month ago Zack suggested that Mocha our beautiful brown and cream Nigerian Dwarf goat looked a little fat and suggested she might be pregos. I put her on the stand and listened for heartbeats with the stethoscope. Finding none and seeing no utter development I assumed she was bloated and put some baking soda out. Well I was wrong, Wednesday Rick went out to feed the goats and found two new babies cuddled up to Mocha. A buck and a doe, we named the boy Expresso and the girl Cappuccino. On the same day Marshmallow the not pregnant rabbit gave birth to a couple of bunnies. I haven’t seen them yet they are born hairless and blind and the momma buries them under her fur. I will have to wait to see them. I really have to get better at this farming with livestock thing.
The best part of the month happened just yesterday! Friday at market a beautiful decorated food truck pulled into the Fowlerville market and I met Tom the owner of “Comfort Cuisine”. I invited him for a farm tour and he came for a surprise visit the very next day. This man is a superb chef and the rice ball he served was the best thing I have eaten in a long time. If you have a grad party or family reunion coming up this summer give Tom a call, have him pull up to your curb and feed your crowd. Your guests will be served gourmet food and you can relax and enjoy your party.
The winner of the name this rooster contest is Cheryl and the winning entry is “Rocky” which matches our soil. If I was growing rocks I would be a millionaire! We are looking forward to meeting her on Wednesday to reward her prizes and take pictures. We will post them on Facebook so stay tuned! The next contest will be announced on Sunday June 7, 2015 but here is a hint>think grapes! Stay tuned, visit us often and like us on Facebook. Good luck out there good people.

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