Have a Blessed Easter

Easter is here and mother nature has dressed up our world is her delightful crocus, tulips and daffodil attire. I love spring. The world awakens fresh and new from winter slumber to stretch her limbs and shake the grass, trees and flowers awake. The hoop house is alive with crops allowed to go to seed, including five different varieties of kale. I am hoping to breed at least one that grows well and reliably here at Rising Vitality Farm. Evergreen Hardy Scallions have overwintered in their hoop beds and are setting seed to be grown in the summer and fall months. Leeks and spinach are there as well but they have not gone to seed just yet. Open beds have been prepped and will be seeded with carrots, seasonal mesclun mix and our specialty sassy salad mix. Peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers are growing strong in their cells and will be transplanted soon to their nursery and hoop beds. they will be ready for market in early June. Look for us at the Howell Farmers Market mid-May. The CSA sign up period has been bumped up to May 1 to June 15 and for the first time signers we will prorate your share. Half shares are also available this year. More details will be posted soon and I am hoping to get a sign up form online as soon as I can stop the horrible problem I am having with hackers and spammers. I will be adding plugins and widgets to resolve these issues but I am close to exasperation with these maggots and trolls. I hired a website designer to construct and maintain this site but atlas she was not as diligent as I had hoped and then she and my money left for California. So I will keep this post brief but suffice it to say my early mornings and late nights will be spent learning to do it myself and my days will be spent growing our food. Don’t give up on me members it is coming I hope I don’t lose you.

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