Our mission

Rising Vitality Farm, God’s good food for God’s good people. Here at Rising Vitality Farm we are on a mission. A mission to offer the freshest, best tasting, nutrient dense produce to our customers. We are in a unique situation in which to do this because it is our foundation year and our soil has been untouched by a plow, mower or chemicals. So we are starting with a blank slate, a white board of soil, upon which to write a lifelong prescription of better health and increased vitality. This year we broke ground on three acres of unused pasture and put up a 30×96 foot hoophouse. We had the soil tested and sent to different labs. Based on those results and working with an agronomist we mixed a batch of minerals and determined the proper dosage necessary to balance the minerals in our field and hoop. Each year we will retest the soil and adjust the mineral inputs accordingly. These minerals are not fertilizer, they are not chemically created, they are produced by our creator for our health and vitality. But if the minerals are not in the soil they cannot be in the plant and they cannot be in you. At the end of the growing season a selected green leaf vegetable will be sent out for a leaf analysis test to measure our progress. This year the target crop will be spinach. Mineralization of the soil takes time and effort but it creates nutrient dense food. That is our mission.
An interesting side effect of mineralization of the soil is enhanced taste and flavors in the produce. That in conjunction with our heirloom variety preferences will result in offering to our customers the best tasting and healthiest food. The best way to get people to eat their greens is to make them taste good. So come along with us, visit us often, see for yourself how it all works out. Then you can answer the question ” What’s your vitality?” with the answer “Rising”.
God’s good food for God’s good people: more then a tagline its a mission statement.
Good luck out there good people.

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